【SANTA'S LA LIFE column manga English Ver.】Vol.1 - 10 on Amazon Kindle


Santa's LA LIFE

Santa's monthly column manga of his LA life.
Vol.10 English ver. is out now.

Santa's LA LIFE Vol.10
A Story of 50years Old Cartoonist Moving to LA with Family


This manga is drawn by a Japanese famous comic artist Santa Inoue who produces "TOKYO TRIBES".
Santa got his greencard and move to LA with his family in 2018. He became 50years old, and then he started his new life in U.S..
This manga presents his LA life by monthly. About the culture difference between U.S.A. and Japan, there are so much surprise things.

Vol.10 Teaser↓↓

Santa's LA LIFE
Vol.1 is here

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